Pivot and launch a new viable service offering

Uncover new opportunities for your organisation to adapt, survive and thrive. Launch feasible services and offerings quickly and affordably.

  • Discovery research
  • Remote interviews
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Design sprints
Your problem

Do you know what service you should offer and on what channel? Are you meeting the new needs of your customers or end users? Are you unsure of what the problem is?

Spending more time at home creates the need for new services, eg. online courses
Our solution

We identify and help you create a new product or service, responding to a new or unknown problem.

We apply design thinking to define the value you can offer your customers, end users and organisation. We do this through a collaborative process, that starts with new insight into the needs of your target audience. We create and test new solutions, both digital and non digital touchpoints that respond to identified needs. Together we plan the implementation and launch.


  1. By understanding the target audience and exploring the problem space through discovery research, using the right methodology for your audience, timeline and budget, we can identify new behaviours and attitudes.
  2. We uncover key insights to inform new ideas and work towards solutions. Through a creative process of ideation and co-creation, new ideas are formed into concepts.
  3. The strongest concepts are validated through service prototyping and getting feedback on the ideas. Together we work through the feasibility of delivering the service, looking at current staff expertise, processes and technology and prioritising and planning activities to implement the service.
  4. We then undertake design sprints, rapid prototyping and testing to define the detail of the service touchpoints, including user journeys, messaging and content.


We will screen and recruit participants for co-creation workshops and the validation of prototypes. We will organise the streaming and documenting of the sessions. We will conduct remote user testing sessions and handover the prototype for development.



A 10-14 week engagement including from discovery research to handover of validated user journeys.

Ben Logan - Director

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