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With strategic digital transformation, the future of mortgages could be, if not fun, at least a little less painless.

The recent success of Pokémon Go has led many commentators to recount the nostalgia they feel for the Pokémon series. Here I talk about a similar experience that I had on a recent trip to Chicago with a game from my own childhood.

This article is a summary of a workshop we held with fitness wearable users. We talked about their motivations and how these have changed over time, leading to different behaviours from initial adoption to current usage.

How new technologies are changing the way farmers make decisions on harvest yield, and livestock activity.

How well does your service work for your customers? And how does it compare to competitors in the market? For one of our clients we investigated exactly that. Adopting a customer perspective ourselves, we explored, used and reviewed all relevant channels and touchpoints.

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