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Pictures are worth a thousand words. Using sequential illustrations with dialogue copy or narrative, storyboards are a great way to demonstrate the user experience through a few key images without needing to be text heavy. This post will share 3 simple steps to create your own user experience (UX) s…

Designing for smartphones brings its own constraints and problems. Areas such as minimal screen real-estate and the fact that the phone can be held in different ways mean that extra considerations need to be made.

Web analytics gives a unique insight into users’ real world behaviour. Important issues include: value scores for all KPIs; early warning systems; A/B testing alternative designs; setting targets based on past performance.

Interactive TV services should be simple and displayed in a central 720 x 576 area. Navigation should be clearly split between top-level and in-application (using the remote’s colour and Arrow/OK buttons). Usability testing is vital.

Usability testing can be used to quantify usability. This can allow you to compare a site’s statistical performance before and after a re-design, in order to find out if it has improved. This method is not perfect, but can be very useful.

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