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The recent success of Pokémon Go has led many commentators to recount the nostalgia they feel for the Pokémon series. Here I talk about a similar experience that I had on a recent trip to Chicago with a game from my own childhood.

Sentiment analysis can be an extremely useful tool to gauge users’ attitudes and feelings towards a brand, product or event, based on their posts to social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook etc.). We take a look at some important considerations when using sentiment analysis in order to make …

Email apps are an odd thing, in fact email itself could almost be called a necessary evil with many companies trying to disrupt it internally or externally. Google recently launched their own attempt at updating everyone’s inbox to something closer to a David Allen friendly ‘inbox zero’.

The online rental market for time sensitive content is dominated by players such as iTunes and Amazon Instant. Whilst we are not focussing on the subscription model services such as Netflix in this article, which make up a significant amount of online subscriptions, we take a closer look at where th…

Designing for smartphones brings its own constraints and problems. Areas such as minimal screen real-estate and the fact that the phone can be held in different ways mean that extra considerations need to be made.

Oliver shares his thoughts on the Oculus Rift, and what its arrival could mean for gaming as an industry as well as other applications.

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