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Service design offers a systematic approach that allows both patients and providers to discover and make sense of existing practices, in order to transform them into innovative patient-practitioner solutions that put people at the heart of the service.

The NHS has had a lot of negative criticism over the last year for many things, from political reasons to general mess ups within the organisations. Due to this, we took a look at which trusts have been the most (and least) complained about, and what the implications of this may be for the way in wh…

This article is a summary of a workshop we held with fitness wearable users. We talked about their motivations and how these have changed over time, leading to different behaviours from initial adoption to current usage.

For a recent project we were tasked with understanding how users felt about using different mobile devices when doing different tasks related to job searching. We wanted to go beyond just knowing if people were willing to use a mobile device for a task; we wanted to understand how they felt towards …

This article looks at the current offering of fitness activity trackers, focusing on the Fitbit Flex and some of its limitations in failing to bring about long-term behavioural changes.

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