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The recent success of Pokémon Go has led many commentators to recount the nostalgia they feel for the Pokémon series. Here I talk about a similar experience that I had on a recent trip to Chicago with a game from my own childhood.

Oliver shares his thoughts on the Oculus Rift, and what its arrival could mean for gaming as an industry as well as other applications.

First impressions count for all types of media: websites, apps, films and games. Due to the free-to-play game model these first impressions count much more. The game lives and dies by new players quickly liking something they got for free and can drop at any time for no cost. We look at some con…

Social gaming is used for short periods of relaxation and distraction. Social games should provide: simple and repetitive tasks; tutorials; social interaction; support for interrupted gameplay; visibility of other players’ activity.

Video game usability testing is a particular form of usability testing that demands a very tight focus on identifying audience segments and providing a realistic context of use. Carefully considering these issues will increase the benefits delivered by any video game usability testing sessions.

Just because games are from very different genres and have different revenue models (freemium, free to play etc.) does not mean that they cannot learn from each other. The problems and solutions highlighted by one style of game can sometimes be adapted for the benefit of another. The mechanics of a …

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