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We’ve all had a bad survey experience – whether it involved having to go through pages and pages of questions, or trying to decipher an incomprehensible statement. If you’re trying your hand at online surveys, or just want a refresher on some important aspects, here are a few tips to make sure…

Bias – we all have it in one form or another and we just can’t help it. We explore some of the ways your brain lies to you, and how we can account for this in design and testing.

Experience maps highlight possible pain points, enabling businesses to find opportunities to ensure the best possible customer experience with their products and services. This brief guide gives you some high level recommendations on what you should include when designing your customer experience ma…

Web analytics gives a unique insight into users’ real world behaviour. Important issues include: value scores for all KPIs; early warning systems; A/B testing alternative designs; setting targets based on past performance.

Remote usability testing offers greater audience diversity and higher fidelity to real-world user motivations than in-person methods (but should not entirely replace them). We recommend using “Moderated” user testing for understanding an issue and “Unmoderated” to get large v…

Personas detail a fictional user’s relevant mental models, context of use and goals (to represent a target user group). Personas should be formally presented to a design team and only carefully reused.

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