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With strategic digital transformation, the future of mortgages could be, if not fun, at least a little less painless.

There are a lot of things we have learned about Service Design from the cult TV show ‘Nathan Barley’, and we would challenge anyone to make a TV show that still holds cultural relevance that far into the future. Here we highlight 5 things we have learned about Service Design from watching Nathan…

Email apps are an odd thing, in fact email itself could almost be called a necessary evil with many companies trying to disrupt it internally or externally. Google recently launched their own attempt at updating everyone’s inbox to something closer to a David Allen friendly ‘inbox zero’.

Rakuten have been running a dual branded site over at for a while now, and its clear that with the release of the mobile site yesterday that they are looking to move more into the UK market, and possibly replace the brand in the near future. The site is…

We take a closer look at leading pure play eCommerce retailer Amazon and their click and collect experience for Amazon Lockers. From this we build out some broad principles that can be applied to retailers looking to adopt a ‘Click and collect’ strategy. We end on some thoughts about fut…

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