ZeroDesktop Launches New Cloud Content Navigator

7 November 2011
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Startup company ZeroDesktop Inc. have launched their new cloud content management user interfaces, with the goal of allowing users to unify all of their digital content into one secure repository.

ZeroPC2.0 aims to consolidate web content, external storage services, social sites and friends content regardless of where it is stored, thus doing away with the need for multiple logins and browser windows.

Its universal search engine allows users to enter a keyword or other search terms such as tags and place names. It will also search through files, folders, documents and social content from sites such as Facebook, Google Docs and Flickr.

The new software is currently available as a Tablet Add for Android, with a version for the iPad soon to be made available from the official Apple store.

Young Song, Founder and CEO of ZeroDesktop, commented: “After users decide to move their valuable content to the cloud, it is essential that they have powerful tools for protecting, managing and sharing the data they create and store so it is safe and accessible whenever and wherever they need it.”

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