Yahoo’s New CEO Explains How Content and Customer Experience Need to Be Core

5 January 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Yahoo’s new CEO, Scott Thompson, has discussed how the company will move forward by focussing on enhanced content, customer experience and technology.

Mr Thompson said “Yahoo’s future depends on its ability to create great products” and that “excellent technology and content are both needed at Yahoo, not just one or the other.”

To this end, he explained that in addition to the company’s previously stated goal of being the premier digital media resource, innovation needs to be a core value. He has also stated that he wants to take the time to evaluate their content acquisition strategy with a view to improvement.

When asked in an interview what experience as previous PayPal President will most be relevant to his new role at Yahoo, Thompson said it was the balancing of consumer needs and experiences with merchant needs and experiences.

He added that both content and a great user experience will play important roles in this balancing process.

In addition, Thompson emphasised that Yahoo mainly needs to operate better rather than completely rebuild its business.

Time will tell whether the company manages to raise the bar to effectively compete with giants such as Google in terms of giving consumers the best user experience possible.

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