Xbox 360 Gets Update and User Experience Overhaul in Time for Christmas

5 December 2011
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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In 2008, we saw a complete overhaul of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 user interface. Now at the beginning of December, there is going to be another round of updates that are equally game changing.

The new Xbox Dashboard is based on the Metro design, now familiar to us from the Windows phone. It provides a simple and intuitive hub from where the user can easily access their games, music, movies and other content.

Windows 8 is set to feature a similar interface, tying together all three platforms for a unified customer experience.

In addition, Microsoft’s motion detection system Kinect will allow for users to control the dashboard with the lift of a finger, and the integration of voice recognition means that users will be able to tell their Xbox what to do.  As an example, the Bing search bar can vocally be told what to search for and will provide results without any other user interaction.

Microsoft has also paired up with a number of television and other media networks to integrate their content into the new Dashboard – thus making it easier than ever before to connect users with their media of choice.

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