What have we learnt during our first weeks of remote working at Spotless?

27 March 2020
Danny Weston

Danny Weston

Spotless Alum

Balancing home working and schooling...

We share some tips, learnings and reflections on our first few weeks of living and working at home.

Daily remote stand up
We run a daily stand up which allows us to stay in touch, ask for help, share the workload and swap tips and tricks.

Make your bed
If you accomplish that first task of the day then you’re already winning. The Royal Marines swear by it. 

Be disciplined with your time
Only read the news or check your socials at given times. Give yourself a shape to the day, stick with it and allow time for just yourself.

Allow for guests on screen shares
Allow for seeing children and pets in the background of remote activities, which is kind of nice really.

Be flexible with your remote meeting timings
Allow for meetings around school breaks and lunchtimes.

Research and consider your work space
How are you sitting, what’s the position of your monitor? Be kind to yourself and be mindful of your posture. Try to position your screen at eye level and avoid looking down at your laptop.

Remote Friday drinks
A good catch up on the week and time to share thoughts, swap notes and update on your latest Netflix binge!

Keep in touch
Take time to check in with your work colleagues. It doesn’t have to be work related. Lean on your friends and work colleagues when you need to. They feel the same as you.

Use your video on calls
Though don’t be afraid to turn it off once in a while and give yourself a rest. Smiling at a screen can be exhausting and watching yourself, watching yourself gets weird.

Work, live and relax in separate spaces if you can.

Get physical
Go for a walk (do it responsibly of course), practise a hobby, open up an old jigsaw puzzle, dust off your guitar. Using your hands and being mindful works wonders.

Dress for action
Iron and wear a shirt on remote calls and take time to ready yourself. Yes, you can wear shorts on the bottom half if you like…

Think about your home working location
Change things up, work in different rooms, get up and stretch at regular intervals.

Think about snacks
Turn to fruit, vegetables and drink lots of water.

Embrace the change
Don’t resist the change to your working activities. Keep a positive mindset and enjoy the extra time with your family or flat mates. Make it your mission to embrace the new learnings.

Know when to stop
If you’ve been disciplined you’ll have given yourself a full stop at the end of your working day. Stick to it.

For more specifics on remote research and methods check out Billy’s recent blog here

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