Users Have Mixed Reactions to Minimalist Redesign of Amazon Website

17 October 2011
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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As one of the world’s most recognisable and successful online shopping portals, Amazon’s website has become a familiar experience for most of us, yet many have said it was beginning to show its age.

This has been remedied with the launch of a new site that is both familiar and comfortable whilst boasting a selection of tweaks and enhancements for an enhanced user experience. The revamp has been launched on their US site and is due to be rolled out to other regions shortly.

The new navigation system is much less cluttered than the previous effort, boasting light colours and a stripped down yet equally effective navigation system.

The search functionality has always been one of the most used features on the Amazon website and the new design offers a fresh approach to this. The bar is easily locatable inside its slot at the top of the browser screen as before, yet it has undergone a clean redesign to blend in with the site’s new minimalist approach.

Not everyone is happy with the new design however – many users have spoken of missing the previous bright “Amazon Experience” and have called the new design visually unappealing.

Many industry insiders believe however that that the new look has been carried out in preparation for the upcoming launch of Amazon’s own tablet device, which will make great use of the stripped down site design.

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