Usability Tests Show Adverts More Effective on Tablets

8 February 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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According to feedback from UK tablet users, consumers find adverts more engaging on these larger devices than on their small screen smartphones.

The research from Nielsen also shows that tablet users in Britain are far more likely to buy products online and respond to targeted advertising than smartphone users.

The survey of over 1,700 users of various mobile devices showed that 10% of tablet users had made a direct purchase using their device, compared to 7% of smartphone owners.

David Gosen, European Managing Director of Telecoms Practice at Nielsen, commented: “The connected device is moving from the discovery phase to the purchase phase. The smartphone we know was the first step in changing the consumer behaviour, but the tablet got the user interface absolutely right.”

According to Gosen, the larger screen space of tablets and the environment they are typically used in (at home) plays a large part in this: “The distraction quotient will be greater when you’re out and about, compared with the experience at home when you become mesmerised with what you see on that screen.”

This usability research indicates that while smartphones currently have a much greater market penetration in the UK than tablet devices, this is set to change in the near future.

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