Updated PowerPoint Recovery Tool Boasts Vastly Improved Performance

6 December 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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As a supplier of data recovery tools for a broad range of popular mainstream applications and file formats, Open File Tool users will agree that their latest major update of the PowerPoint program has impressively enhanced performance along with the intuitive UI that people know and love.

The PPTX Opener is based on a brand-new recovery core, now enabling the program to restore data from PowerPoint files that are seemingly irrecoverable using other software of this kind. It uses a combination of advanced proprietary algorithms to identify and extract as much data as possible.

In terms of the user interface, it features an easy-to-follow wizard to speedily and conveniently show users how to get from A to B. The PPTX Opener was initially deigned for non-professional users with no practical recovery experience or skills, which explains its refreshing simplicity.

The Lead Developer at Open File Tool commented: “PPTX Open File Tool became one of the first products to be updated with a new core, and the result of this update clearly exceeded our expectations… The program became a lot faster and more accurate. Our internal tests confirmed that it can now recover files that its previous versions failed to open, which is a great sign of improvement.”

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