Twitter User Interface Redesign Sparks Mixed Reaction

9 December 2011
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Twitter have just rolled out the latest version of their micro-blogging platform, only to be met with the now familiar cries of complaint from many of its users.

In what has become an Internet phenomenon, whenever a social media platform changes its look and feel or introduces new features, an inevitable wave of complaints are never far behind – Twitter’s redesign is no exception.

Speaking these changes, which represent the biggest revamp of the last five years, Twitter were keen to point out the ways in which their users will be able to explore new content, such as the ability to click on a tweet of interest and be presented with a list of related content plus relevant comments.

A more detailed profile page has also been introduced, allowing users to tell the world more about themselves.  In addition, a new ‘discover’ button will connect users with new content based on their interests.

These initiatives have not gone down well with Twitter users however and one glance at the social media platform today reveals a mass of disgruntled tweets on the subject.  As with previous instances of this though, no doubt the complaints will die down and the platform will remain as popular as ever.

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