Twitter Updates their User Interface and Brings Video Support to Galleries

1 February 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Twitter may well be one of the World’s leading social media platforms, but long loading times and a sometimes cumbersome interface have tended to leave some serious dents in the network’s usability rating.

This could be set to change however, with a few vital updates currently being rolled out. From now on, rather than having to navigate to a different page to view media content, photos from a profile page or search result will bring up a larger version of the image to the right of the page.

In addition, videos from Vine, YouTube, Vimeo and other Twitter partners will now appear in expanded tweets, also removing the need for the viewer to browse away from their page to see the content.

These updates were announced by Twitter software engineer David Chen on the Twitter blog and he also went on to mention a new tweak to the interface that allows users to view more conversions related to a particular tweet thread.

With similar small, but vital tweaks also being made by other social interaction sites such as Tumblr and Dropbox in the last week, the strengthening of usability features can only be a good thing for Twitter and there are no doubt more announcements around the corner.

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