Three Months Since Release – How Does Windows 8 Stand Up?

28 January 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Microsoft’s most recent iteration of their Windows operating system is now three months old. As has almost become a tradition, complaints and some harsh criticism met the launch, so let’s see if the much maligned version 8 release can salvage some good will.

Sadly, there have been no improvements to the software’s usability. The revised UI throws everything you’d normally expect away, and the lack of the iconic Start button is particularly alienating Microsoft aficionados. Some have gone so far as to say that UI stands for “Unintuitive” in the case of Windows 8, however those who are familiar with Apple’s tiled interface will be more on solid ground.

One of the driving factors behind the Windows 8 release has been integration with Microsoft’s online store, making apps much more easily accessible. The growing number of available applications (nearly 40,000 at time of writing) means that there is plenty for the end user to choose from, including many releases from big names in the industry such as Vimeo, Yahoo and Dropbox.

The biggest complaint with Windows 8 nevertheless is still the revolutionised user interface and it’s unfamiliarity to Microsoft’s audience.

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