Tablet Satisfaction Survey Finds Superior User Experience Beats Cheap Pricing

6 February 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Despite competitors such as the Amazon’s Android Kindle doing their best to gain market share, a study by ChangeWave has shown that when it comes to consumer satisfaction levels, Apple’s iPad is undeniably rated top.

The survey showed that customer satisfaction levels with iPads are through the roof, while Amazon’s Kindle barely measures above the rest of the rival tablets currently being released on the marketplace.

Apple’s primary focus on an impressive user experience in their tablet definitely seems to be winning through in the long term, compared to Amazon’s strategy of offering a low-cost device.

An analyst said earlier this week that even though Amazon has shipped as many as 6 million Kindle Fire’s during the last quarter of 2011, in the long-term these sales might actually help boost iPad demand, since all the Fire feature gaps that customers are dissatisfied with are proudly present in iPads.

In total, 74% of survey respondents have said they are “Very Satisfied” with the iPad, while only 54% gave the “Very Satisfied” rating to the Kindle Fire and a mere 49% said the same for other tablets.

This 20-point gap between the iPad and Kindle Fire indicates that when it comes to keeping consumers happy, excellent user experience trumps affordability.

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