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4 September 2020
Nadja Toft

Nadja Toft

Service Designer

I love imagining what doesn't yet exist.

Now that we’re all back from holiday, we wanted to catch up on what the team have been listening to, reading and watching over the summer. This time, our Director Ben, Lead experience consultant Billy and myself have some recommendations for you.


Podcasts we’re listening to


The Missing Cryptoqueen — new episode!!

I was so delighted to see a new episode popping up in my podcast feed a few weeks ago! In The Missing Cryptoqueen Jamie Bartlett unpicks the financial revolution OneCoin in his chasing after the missing Dr. Ruja who disappeared after persuading millions of people to join her on her mission. The series is a fascinating look into a complicated pyramid scheme, a scam artist and the ordinary people who fell for her tricks.
Nadja, Service designer



For those of us who like to keep up with American politics but want to steer clear of the usual partisan talking heads, FiveThirtyEight provides a breath of fresh air with it’s stats based, data driven analysis. Fair warning though, once you fall down the black hole of data modelling and statistical analysis, you might never come back. (No really!)
Billy, Lead experience consultant




Small Spark Theory

This is an excellent podcast with thoughts, ideas and practical tips to use marginal gains to help agencies with business development. It’s hosted by Lucy Mann from Gunpowder Consulting and always has some great guest speakers on. It’s easy to dip in and out of the episodes and you don’t have to go in any particular order.
Ben, Director


Books we’re reading


I’m Afraid Debbie From Marketing Has Left for the Day: How to Use Behavioural Design to Create Change in the Real World

I’m halfway through this book by Danish behavioural designer Morten Münster. So far I’m really enjoying his amusing, pragmatic and evidence-based approach to behaviour change. It refreshed my memory and reminded me that sometimes the most banal solutions are the most efficient – but we might not think of them, because we’re busy making the next big strategic PowerPoint presentation. The book consists of great examples from the real world as well as an introduction to the methodology behind.
Nadja Toft, Service designer



An Everyone Culture – Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization

I have owned this book for a few years but never got around to reading it and made a point to read it through lockdown.  It’s about 4 years old and is written by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey.  An Everyone Culture is founded upon a simple yet powerful insight: that the best way to unleash an organizations’ power is to realize the full potential of its individual employees. Some of it I am still digesting but found it to be written in a style that’s easy to digest, with simple ideas to try out.
Ben, Director

Shows we’re watching


Interior Design Masters on Netflix

I love watching programs on architecture and interior design, where you see the transformation of a room or building in the matter of minutes. In Interior Design Masters I especially enjoyed seeing how the contestants progressed in areas like answering the client brief, designing for the end user and learning how working together means listening to each other as well as challenging each others’ ideas.
Nadja, Service designer



Fauda on Netflix

Completely unrelated to design but have found the three season thriller ‘Fauda’ (Arabic for ‘Chaos’) to be pretty gripping!  It’s an Israeli TV series on Netflix, which depicts the two-sided story of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Doron, a commander of undercover Israeli unit, the Israeli Special Forces, operating inside Palestinian territories, and his team, are hunting down Hamas terrorist Abu-Ahmed.
Ben, Director



Ben Logan - Director

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