Spotify App Update Ushers in Simplified User Interface

18 December 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Music platform Spotify has begun rolling out a new desktop client update which features a refreshingly clean user interface. Although the update is currently being released for the Mac version of the app, a Windows version is expected to follow shortly.

The first UI change that people will notice is a darker colour theme which is almost black in places, while deep greys accompany larger text, rounded graphics and filtered artwork. The overall effect is a cleaner appearance, however less information is immediately apparent compared to the previous UI. tested the new Spotify app, and have said that the new look could take some getting used to. For example, the Discover tab has been reconfigured to display a grid of suggestions instead of an organic mix of different-sized boxes; track sharing options have been replaced with (more attractive) graphics; and the playback controls also have a revamped appearance.

Many might think that the UI changes make the app less intuitive than before, such as the three dots which have replaced the traditional square box that clearly said ‘share’. All in all however, the update gives the Spotify app a more Google+ feel, which complements the firm’s stated desire to be a ‘social network’ for music.

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