Sony to Launch VAIO Laptop with Google Chrome Operating System

26 March 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Sony are preparing to unveil their latest VAIO laptop – it will come complete with Google’s Chrome operating system as standard, a 11.6 inch display, WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI output, SD card slot and the standard USB ports.

The electronics giant is not the first company to deliver such a device. Samsung and Acer launched the first commercially viable Chromebooks last year following a public beta release of their Cr-48 OS prototype, but unfortunately they did not have major consumer success.

Results from user testing have unfortunately not been favourable, with the operating system receiving criticism for being too simplistic and too focused on web activity, thus providing an experience similar to a browser-only operating system.

What’s more, the platform’s heavy dependence on a cloud based system is also going to be off putting for a lot of users, as well as its lack of some features that are now taken for granted, such as tabbed browsing.

Google are aware of the current issues with their platform, and are reported to be working at rectifying things with an overhaul of the operating system’s current user interface. Some bloggers are predicting announcements regarding these changes at Google’s I/O conference in June of this year.

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