Social Video Sharing Finally Gets the Personal Touch

23 May 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Mixin have come up with a unique video commenting and sharing social syndication system that allows users to add personal comments into online videos and then share them with their own social groups.

The start-up company are hoping that their new development will redefine social video and with an impressive one month grow to 200k monthly users, they are off to an encouraging start.

Jon Goldman, CEO of Mixin, further explained the system’s features: “Most online video is all about searching and algorithms with some minor social features tacked on. Mixin’s technology starts with social interaction as the foundation so that videos serve as a way to connect friends and increase sharing.

He added: “The customisation, commenting and posting to Facebook allows users to add their personal stamp and humour to the videos they love. Now we are able to add this functionality to partners which means any content owner looking to add to video engagement and sharing can use our ‘next generation’ commenting as a solution.”

A live beta of the system has been undergoing extensive usability testing during the last month and already its old school scrolling style, easy user interface and simple Facebook integration are proving popular.

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