Segway racing, a spot of ping pong and the odd tipple

10 February 2014
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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As we have been working pretty flat out of late, we all thought it would be good to do something a little outside of our comfort zone, and away from the usual activities that revolve solely around drinking in the multitude of local drinking establishments in and around Shoreditch and East London.

We all arrived at the Hendon RAF museum, for the Segway rally experience at around 11am, which involved us being briefed on safety instructions, and getting into the various protective equipment, which included:

  • Elbow pads
  • Back braces
  • Knee pads
  • Shin pads
  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Blue shower cap (this is to stop any hygiene issues with the helmet – and obviously to look amazing as well)


We were all given about 20 mins to get the hang of the segways, and I have to say, having laughed at most of the team using them initially, I soon got a reality check when attempting a figure of eight on my one.  They are not as easy as they first look, as your body wants to steer like you would a bike (most likely a learned behaviour), but the key is really to subtlety lean into turns on this device.


We then started our Segway rally race, but the ground was very muddy, so there was not much overtaking, and more falling off the Segways than a proper race. Emeline was appointed Segway winner (but not quite sure how she wrangled that as I am pretty sure everyone overtook her on the course).


We then headed to Holborn and a cosy Italian called Ciao Bella on Lambs Conduit Street for a tasty Italian lunch, then we rushed over to Bounce, which is a large ping pong hall in Holborn, and washed lunch down with a few cocktails.


Perhaps a few too many cocktails…


To round things off after a variety of outrageous ping pong shots, we headed to Belgos for some tasty moules et frites, and washed down with a selection of Belgian beers.


Overall a great day out! No broken legs for anyone, and only a sore head the next day for most!

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