RIM Making Developers’ Life Easier with BlackBerry 10 Testing Device

2 May 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Research in Motion is handing out a nifty new testing device to developers this week, which is reported to resemble a small PlayBook tablet or an iPhone.

The innovative gadget is being referred to as the “BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Testing Device” and is the first opportunity developers have had to get their hands on the company’s long awaited BlackBerry 10 operating system.

This latest OS 10 is expected to be running on the next generation of BlackBerry smartphones due for release later this year. RIM will be keen to encourage the production of a range of applications for their new device.

To that end, RIM’s annual BlackBerry Jam conference, which was held this week in Orlando, Florida, allowed developers the chance to get their hands on the testing unit for the first time.

Christopher Smith, RIM’s Vice President of Application Platform Tools, commented: “This device is all about getting developers off the ground and building on the platform.”

He added a note of caution however: “We are confident that the developers building on this platform will be able to take the work that they do and will be able to translate it to the launch devices as they hit, but it’s certainly not intended to be representative of the final hardware.”

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