Revolutionary Eye-Tracking Service Measures Interface Usability Success

14 October 2011
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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A pioneering new service from Japan’s Mitsue-Links Co. Ltd will allow companies to effectively test the usability and end user response of their products on smartphone and tablet devices.

Using Tobii Technology’s eye-tracking technology, the system identifies the response of users to client interfaces by monitoring their eye movements. This gives developers the opportunity to simulate their end user’s cognitive responses and thinking.

Tobii’s eye tracking system is worn on the body rather than around the eye area, so it does not distract the user during durability tests, allowing for authentic responses during day to day device usage to be recorded.

As well as tracking user eye movement, the revolutionary system also records and monitors what is happening on the device during the testing, which adds to the comprehensive dissection of a users experience when interacting with new interfaces.

This new service is just one of many from the veteran Japanese company, who have recently also begun to explore new usability enhancing options in the field of tablet and smartphone devices.

In an increasingly competitive market, intuitive input is a vital part of a successful mobile device and it need to be impressive if any new interface wishes to break into the marketplace.

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