Redesign of Yahoo Mail Gets Thumbs Down from Irate Users

15 October 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Yahoo Mail’s major design update seems to have gone horribly wrong – there has been a huge backlash from the email service’s 275 million users, with some claiming that the UI now looks like “a knock off of competitor Gmail”.

Tens of thousands of people have complained about the glitches and reduced functionality of the new Yahoo Mail interface, while many simply don’t like the new look and feel.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (previously a top Google executive) has been personally blamed by many for the redesign failure, with the general consensus being bafflement by what seems to be a significant lack of usability testing.

One user commented: “She is delusional… she has no clue… we ALL HAVE GMAIL ACCOUNTS… and the fact that she did no research into this like not a single poll or test of this monster before she rolled it out.”

The biggest complaint vexing customers has been the elimination of a feature that allowed them to open search pages and emails in individual tabs – something that Yahoo Mail stood out for compared to rival Gmail. People have also complained that they no longer have the important functionality of being able to sort their emails by sender.

Additionally, many users have reported serious glitches in the new system, including problems logging into the site, emails not being sent properly, text not being formatted correctly and drafts not being saved.

A writer from tech site ZD Net has called the redesign a “disaster”, and already thousands of users are calling for the old interface to be reinstated, along with its features.

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