PS4 User Interface Screenshots Released by Sony

25 July 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Whilst Microsoft are back peddling as best as possible from the disastrous launch of their new console, rival Sony have just released a few images of their new PS4’s user interface.

Although you couldn’t call it revolutionary, the user profiles, PlayStation Store, Video Sharing and Inbox Messaging shots are certainly reminiscent of the PS3, PSP and Vita user interfaces. In addition, elements of Metro style tiling are to be seen when it comes to the social feed functions.

More details have also been released on the console itself, with the FCC revealing that during their extensive usability testing, the PS4 had a maximum clock efficiency of 2.75GHz and has now passed its FCC Certification in the US.

Weighing in at 2.8kg, the PS4 will be a lot lighter than the launch model of the PS3, which arrived initially as a 5kg beast before being succeeded by the considerably lighter 2.1kg slim-line models.

Set for a launch towards the end of this year and with a UK price tag of £349, the console will also run at a lower temperature than the former model, which will cutting down on the previous risk of the device overheating.

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