PayPal Begins Testing Facial Verification Payment Interface

12 August 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Digital wallet systems are being explored by many companies at time of writing, so it’s no surprise that one of the world’s leading online payment gateways are ahead of the crowd.

Paypal have been testing a new mobile app that requires shoppers to buy products with the use of a facial verification system. Currently, 12 different merchants in London are already playing their part in the usability testing program.

The way it works is that a shopper logs in when they enter the store platform, as they would when checking in on Facebook. The platform then sends their photograph and payment details to the shop’s payment interface.

Paypal have uploaded a video to showcase the new system and its user interface – once a user has logged in it is a simple case of a store employee selecting the “Charge” icon to complete the purchase.

According to Paypal, they anticipate there will be approximately 2,000 businesses using the new cashless payment method by the end of the year, although are as yet they are remaining tight lipped about the prospect of rolling out the app to other parts of the world.

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