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24 July 2019

Those who invest in Service Design win according to the Design Value Index Study. Service Design is the activity of planning and organising people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between the service provider and its customers. Excitingly, Service Design is becoming a more commonly recognised business tactic and we are increasingly receiving service design briefs from clients who are not only interested in the product details, but in looking at their business from a more holistic viewpoint.  Stand tall, see all….if you will.  So we needed to do…

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Ben Logan
12 July 2019

Spotless turns 15 this week, not quite a responsible adult yet, no longer a teething toddler, more a rebellious teenager (who still knows when to say please and thank you and will hug their parents on occasions). We’re taking a look back on the journey so far and sharing where we’re headed next.          Where did it all begin? We self identify as a User Experience (UX) agency that has moved into Service Design, and whilst we have not always referred to ourselves as a pure play Service Design agency, we recognise a lot of the activities…

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Caroline Butler
27 June 2019

Did the design of the House of Commons cause Brexit? …. In part two we look at how the design of a building can shape politics and a country’s future Too much order, order? British Parliament is one of the oldest continuous representative assemblies in the world. The House of Commons, in the Palace of Westminster, UK is based on the design of Convocation House, at Oxford University. With its two groups of facing benches and the speaker’s chair, the design was created to stimulate tension and encourage lively, heated debates. Convocation House’s primary use was as a debating hall and it…

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Caroline Butler
5 June 2019

Who gets left out in user-centred design? Through my work as a UX designer and now as a Service Designer at Spotless, I have helped to craft products and services centred around the user — with their needs and the needs of the business being the focus of the design decisions. As designers, researchers and strategists we’ve been talking about the merits of taking this user centred design approach for sometime now. This approach has created winners; those people who can successfully use and be delighted by products and services that support them to achieve their goals. However, having a target audience…

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Caroline Ingman
4 June 2019

We are fast running out of desk space for new hires here at Spotless (Nour is running around with her tape measure as we speak), as we bring more people on board to expand our offerings to our clients. Give a big welcome to: Martin McCarthy, who has joined us as an Experience Consultant. He’s already deeply embedded in some of our biggest client projects within the automotive and construction sectors, as well as laying claim to the most majestic hair in the company.   Katri Kärkkäinen is working with our head of Project Management, to whip everyone into shape and keep the wheels in motion for all the…

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Max Taylor
2 January 2019

The original promise of UX — How UX subdisciplines cause oversight — Reductionism vs. Holism — The case for a multi-disciplined approach Etymologists have long been aware of the effect known as semantic drift – how the meanings of phrases can change over time. For example, mouse and bookmark now make sense as concepts in computers as well as their root meaning. Semantic drift has happened to the term and profession ‘UX’ (user experience). ‘UX’ in its original textbook definition [1] no longer mirrors what is being blogged about today. Judging from job descriptions, UX practitioners are tasked with increasingly narrow scopes and are asked to…

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