Ouya Console Not a Threat to the Big Players but Neatly Fills a Niche

17 July 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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One of the first great successes of the gaming Kickstarter generation, the Ouya is a budget priced gaming console that won’t be causing any sleepless nights for Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo, but could be of interest to the retro gamers as well as a niche demographic.

The console itself is about the same size as a coffee mug and looks like a small cube with rounded edges. Its streamlined design simply has a single Power On button and a selection of ports at the back for USB, HDMI, LAN and the power port.

Being a smaller player on the scene it’s not a surprise that there are a few noticeable failings however. Following usability testing by gamers themselves, it’s apparent that the interface is still slightly buggy, which is disappointing considering the extensive beta testing that took place before the console’s release.

Nevertheless, Ouya can run games that were designed for Android platforms and is also capable of running games from older systems with the use of emulators. This leaves it sitting neatly in the middle of the PlayStation and Xbox versus mobile gaming platforms, given its reasonable pricing and ability to display games on a larger screen.

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