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26 September 2017
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


Passionate about improving services and experiences for the people that use them.

This blog post is a little overdue…but we have had some great people join our team recently. Here’s the low down on our newest colleagues:
Erin Meisenzahl-Peace

Erin joined us back in mid-june as a Design Researcher. She’s our resident ‘hawkeye’ and keeps us in check with our copywriting! She’s been busy with guerrilla and trends research, contextual interviews and helping the team with developing design concepts for future experiences. She’s also pretty good at graphic design too and has helped out with designing a few of our trends article sites – If you haven’t seen these yet, check them out!

“Coming from a background in journalism and graphic design, I’m interested in how communication design affects services, and how services can be improved to enhance experiences. As a design researcher, I investigate and map relationships among various stakeholders. I try to understand people’s thoughts and behaviours and then communicate those findings to others in ways that elicit empathy.”

Hannah Steele

Hannah joined us in early August as a Service Designer. She’s already made her mark helping to plan, organise and facilitate 2 fantastic workshops at the Service Design Fringe Festival this year. If you missed them, look out for some blog posts coming up sharing what we learned.

“I found Service Design because I believe in being a design generalist, where the ‘what’ is defined by the needs of who we are designing for. I strive to break down the boundaries between traditionally siloed disciplines, taking a collaborative approach to projects. Ultimately, I help to design experiences that elevate the way people live. In my career so far I have been lucky to work with some amazing brands, including Dyson, Mazda and BT.”

Kath Seang-Uraiporn

Kath joined us a Service Designer in mid-August. She’s been getting stuck in with projects and played a big part in supporting Hannah and Kayleigh at the Service Design Fringe Festival workshops too.

“As a Service Designer with an Interior Architecture background, my design principle is to solve a problem, craft solutions that embody balance aesthetics with usability and inspire people by providing them with meaningful experiences. I combine both analytical skills with empathy, and creative skills to turn ideas into realities. My passion is to create better experiences for people and enhance their quality of life. I’m passionate about understanding the people I’m designing for as well as creating Human-Centered and end-to-end experiences.”

Caroline Butler

Caroline joined us just this week! She’s our freshest recruit and is in the role of UX Designer. We’re looking forward to working with her on a range of design projects coming up. Caroline is so new she hasn’t written her profile for the team page yet, so watch this space…

It’s awesome to see the team growing and to have so many talented designers joining the ranks!
Ben Logan - Director

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