Nokia Announce Affordable and User Friendly Mobile Technology for Emerging Markets

4 March 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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The rise of smartphones and tablets to common usage and market dominance in first world countries has happened incredibly swiftly, however at this year’s MWC show Nokia have announced a new mobile phone which targets emerging markets.

Unlikely to win any awards for speed and style, the Nokia 105 is instead able to impress with its price tag of around £15 and its standby time of 35 days. Further sacrifices made for this type of affordability are that the 2G phone mobile is absent of a camera and the only multimedia it features is an FM radio. Nevertheless, it must be said that the mobile is still perfectly functional, with an ease of usability that would ease even the most ardent technophobe.

Such phones are now being produced by a number of manufacturers with an eye on emerging markets. For a large percentage of the world’s population, devices such as smartphones are still very much of an unknown and a basic mobile will be their first computing device.

Whilst feature phones are now passé to those used to their slick user interfaces and applications, affordable basic models could soon be as familiar in less developed parts of the world.

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