New Xbox One User Interface Is Leaked on YouTube

10 September 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Fans are still eagerly awaiting the release of the Xbox One, but a sneak peek of its UI dashboard has been gleaned via a video leak on YouTube.

We’ve thus far we’ve been provided with a scant few glimpses of the Xbox One’s dashboard, but the video that has recently surfaced on YouTube demonstrates for the first time how the console, controller and dashboard perform in action.

The dashboard takes the form of the universally acclaimed Metro-Style user interface, with a number of different sized tiles arranged into relevant sections such as Games, Movies & TV, Music and Apps.

The clip demonstrates how games and videos are accessed via the dashboard interface – it appears to be part of Microsoft’s beta testing usability program with internal employees.

Commenting on developments, the person who posted the short video on YouTube notes that the user interface currently has a lot of bugs, but with over three months to go before the console’s release on November 22nd (presuming Microsoft don’t change their mind), there should be plenty of time for these to be ironed out.

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