New Video Reveals User Interface of Microsoft’s Imminent Xbox One

29 October 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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The launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One is creeping towards us, and as the November 22 release date draws ever closer a new video has been released to showcase the next generation console’s updated user interface.

First to be seen is the Home screen on display when users boot up their console – it features a Metro style interface (as has been known for some time) and various apps such as Netflix, Internet Explorer, Xbox Music, Skype and a Friends list.

Although it is not made clear whether the user interface video is running in real time, a narrative voice is heard issuing commands such as “Xbox, go to Pacific Rim”, which triggers the machine to start playing this summer’s Robots and Aliens blockbuster movie.

The voice goes on to record footage, switch to watching television, load Internet Explorer and receive a Skype call. It also shows a film being watched whilst the demonstrator surfs the Internet and takes a call, leaving the viewer in no doubt as to the devices multitasking capabilities.

While it’s hard to shake memories of the console’s initial launch, there is certainly a lot of interest in the up and coming release, and it will be very interesting to see if it is Microsoft or Sony take the initial lead in this generation’s console war.

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