New Dolphin Browser HD 8.0 Delivers Impressively Streamlined UI

13 April 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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The Dolphin Browser HD has proven to be highly popular amongst Android enthusiasts, even with the growing number of other browsers now available on the Google Play Store. And with their latest user interface update, the company behind Dolphin are sure to see even more uptake of their product.

Dolphin Browser HD 8.0 has now been released as a free download with an impressive UI redesign that highlights an appealing range of new features.

The biggest change that previous users will notice is the new menu bar that slims down the old double-row interface and tidily hides many of the less immediate menu options behind stylish icons, meaning you can easily keep an eye on more of the web window at one glance.

Dolphin has called the revamped menu layout “spring cleaning”. The swish icons are neatly placed in the Bookmark bar shortcut, with a combined forward/back button and an icon that combines the Gestures feature with the new voice search functionality called Dolphin Sonar.

When it comes to the add-ons themselves, they get convenient full titles instead of tiny icons, and there’s a new “go to top” button that appears automatically when scrolling up to handily avoid backwards scrolling on long pages.

Dolphin’s new update successfully achieves a minimal appearance and immediacy of function that effectively streamlines the user experience, and it proves that the company is continuing its innovative drive to ensure they keep ahead of competitors.

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