Netflix Gives Users Sharing an Account the Ability to Have Separate Search Functionality

16 December 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Those who’ve been reluctant about using their Android device with their Netflix account if they share it with others need never worry again – thanks to a recent update, queues and recommendations will now remain separate and private.

While the Netflix feature released earlier this year which allows subscribers to easily share their accounts was a welcome enhancement, it caused trouble in that if one account is shared by a family, the queues and recommendations of individuals with different viewing habits were thrown into chaos.

This nuisance is now a thing of the past – today the Netflix Android app has been updated with a new feature that takes care of the issue with multiple user profile support, allowing those who share an account to keep their queues and recommendations distinctly separate.

This complements the major Netflix update that was rolled out around two months ago, bringing with it a revamped user interface and significantly improved performance overall. The changelog of this recent update confirms that the Netflix app now has enhanced search features which support related titles as well as individual people.

Netflix’s updated Android app is now live and available as a free download from the Google Play Store.

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