Netflix Finally Gets It Right with Latest Android App Update Featuring UI Overhaul

18 October 2014
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Movie streaming service Netflix has released an update to its Android app this week – following from what seems like a strong cycle of usability testing, it boasts an overhauled user interface and more streamlined navigation.

Despite several updates, up until now the Netflix Android app did not deliver the best user experience, so people mainly accessed the app as the best source for video streaming on Android and Chromecast.

The revamped Netflix Android app however has seen a complete overhaul, featuring a vastly improved UI, a better navigation bar, fast touch response and smoother lock screen playback controls. In terms of Chromecast compatibility, it also delivers improved in-app and lock screen controls.

Overall, users will be impressed with the enhanced efficiency of the user interface and its features, plus the app no longer lags or stutters as was previously the case. Netflix has certainly taken a stride in the right direction – their efforts are likely to result in a lot more uptake of the services by mobile users.

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