Website Sees Rise in Conversions Thanks to Usability Overhaul

18 December 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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International company has announced a newly redesigned website with vastly improved usability and enhanced functions.

Their lead designer explained the aim and issues behind the firm’s UX overhaul: “If the end user cannot figure out how to navigate our website that is content that cannot be uncovered. We want our users to know everything we have to offer!” CMO added: “We have a very large portion of our budget devoted towards marketing. We have to make sure that the people who come to our website are not just coming and then leaving because it is too complicated.”

To iron out the customer experience and navigational obstructions, the firm has now improved their overall website design, created an easy-to-use interface, condensed their site content and brought certain widgets to the forefront to streamline the user journey. Additionally, the website was thoroughly A/B tested.

Thanks to the usability revamp they introduced, the website is already seeing lower bounce rates and higher conversions on their website.

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