Mobile Voicemail Gets Face Lift with New App

29 February 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Voice mail has never been a very exciting experience, but this looks set to change thanks to an innovative app from On Voicefeed.

The app branches away from the largely audio-only interactions of traditional voicemail systems to present a clean visual user interface that allows the saving, deletion and sorting of messages, as well as a handy voice-to-text functionality which displays messages in a readable format.

In the same way that people use different styles and tones when speaking with their various friends and colleagues, the On Voicefeed app will allow users to personalise their voicemail messages to suit the individual caller.

This is achieved either with the grouping of contacts or by tailoring messages for a particular contact. That way, a friend or partner can receive a personalised greeting and a more formal one can be left for the likes of work contacts and other official acquaintances.

The app is also integrated with content from social media sites and has the ability to display notes of a caller’s recent activities at the time that their last message was left.

On Voicefeed’s app is currently available for Apple’s iOS and will be available soon for users of Google’s Android platform. It’s good to see voice mail finally getting a face lift.

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