MessagEase Streamlines User Experience By Scrapping QWERTY Keyboard

21 March 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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An enhanced version of MessagEase, which offers an innovative nine-key virtual keypad, has just been announced by its developer Exideas.

The application, which is available as a free download for Android devices from the Google Play Store, allows users to input text at speeds as high as 60 words per minute, thereby maximising accuracy and minimising the potential for error.

In doing away with the traditional QWERTY keyboard layout, MessagEase sets out to provide a new approach for text input, with a layout that has been scientifically optimised for mobile platforms.

Saied Nesbat, President and CEO of Exideas, commented: “The QWERTY keyboard’s layout was contrived to alleviate the mechanical flaws of typewriters in the mid-1800’s and now is condensed into a two-inch smartphone screen, causing typing errors and inaccurate text corrections… MessagEase is designed for today’s touch screen mobile devices empowering fast and accurate full text by a tap for the most commonly used letters and a drag or slide for the rest.”

A practise game version of the application can also be downloaded if you want to give it a test drive to get familiar with the new user-friendly nine-key layout.

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