Spotless Lab Update – 1 Month To Go!

4 April 2016
Tom Knoll

Tom Knoll

Spotless Alum

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With a mere 31 days to go until our brand spanking new labs open for business, we thought we would share a weekly update on the construction process to give you an idea of the kind of work that goes into creating a bespoke usability facility.



We could write a book on everything we’ve learned throughout the planning process. Needless to say, great lab environments don’t just come out of nowhere. An incredible amount of effort went into the design of our new offices.


Everything from optimal viewing angles to sound-proofing was considered in the minutest detail by teams from several agencies. Multiple iterations of designs were created and doodled on until we had a design that we were all happy with.


The key was to create a space that could be used to conduct high quality research using as diverse a range of methodologies possible, whether that was standard one-to-one usability testing or simulating a living room environment to test multi-player video games.

Slack for iOS Upload

As well as the new labs, the new facility sees an improvement to the office environment, where consultants and everyone else do their day to day work. We’re very excited to have a dedicated meeting room, two ‘chill out’ areas, an upgraded kitchen (with wine fridge), not to mention the increased desk space to accommodate Spotless’s ever-expanding team!

What’s happening this week?


At the moment, the new lab is a huge open shell. Some of the internal walls are going up, but the first thing that needs to happen is arranging the basic infrastructure of electrical & data cabling and air conditioning systems so that the rest of the facility can be built up around it. We have very sophisticated and intricate needs for the way data is shared around the labs, so it is essential that the miles of cable going in is wired up correctly.

Tune in next week for more exciting lab updates!

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