Google Under the Gun for Poor Quality Control on App Releases

23 November 2011
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Google have had to issue an apology following their launch of a buggy Gmail app for Apple’s iOS platform. They also moved to restore customer confidence with the subsequent relaunch of a revised app two weeks later.

Phil Hassey, who owns the research firm CapioIT, has praised Google for their swift apology, saying: “It would have drawn additional undue attention and potentially created a monster particularly if ‘anti-Google people decided to make it go viral. IT would lose much more trust and integrity if it Google tried to cover up or ignore the issue”

A Google spokesman commented on this latest app issue: “”We are always listening to feedback from our users, and the Gmail app for iOS is no exception. This is just the beginning and we will be iterating rapidly to bring more features to the app, like improved notifications and mobile specific signatures.”

Analysts have regularly called on the Web giant to improve their quality assurance and testing procedures to ensure a consistently high quality user experience when it comes to apps.

Users themselves have also urged Google to look closely at the user experience of their products and ensure that “extreme care” is taken in future to provide a reliable end product.

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