Google Testing Driverless Smartcar

4 September 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Elements from 1970s science fiction films entering our daily lives has increasingly become a part of living in the 21st Century – Google have joined forces with Virginia Tech to design a smartcar with automated driving.

Earlier this week, a small crowd watched as two representatives climbed aboard the automated Google car which then went on to perform two test laps of a 2.2 mile track and demonstrated its ability to automatically decelerate in response to the proximity to a second vehicle.

The prototype is still in the relatively early stages of development, but has already been tested on public and private roads under a series of different conditions, including environmental changes and human interactions.

One of the representatives said that

“To see it out here operating on more highway conditions really tells you that Google is a pioneer in an area that most people don’t think about Google as doing, but it’s technology that’s going to revolutionise transportation and automotive industry”

Little is yet known about the user interface that the vehicle presents, although it doesn’t seem too much of a wild guess to imagine something similar to a GPS related device powering the customer experience.

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