Google Rolling Out New Changes to Gmail User Interface

30 May 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Google have been listening to users of their Gmail service – for many, the current system of grouping messages into conversations has proved to be a little confusing and in an attempt to counter this, Gmail will have a new Inbox rolling out over the coming weeks.

The revamped Inbox, accessible from both mobile devices and desktops, will make use of a new bucket system. This method involves arranging incoming messages into ‘buckets’, allowing for a less cluttered interface and easier access to important messages.

What’s more, those who don’t enjoy the new user interface can switch to a selection of previous Inbox defaults, such as the classic view which displays messages in a simple list based on arrival time.

Further upgrades are in the works reflecting Google’s efforts to make their user experience as smooth as possible – their Smart Label feature, which arranges messages into Bulk, Forums and Notifications categories, has been in testing for over two years now.

Google will no doubt be hoping these streamlined features will safely pull them ahead of competitor Microsoft, who has recently re-launched their Hotmail service under the familiar name of Outlook.

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