Google Glass Users to Receive Cutting Edge Facial Recognition Technology

15 May 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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An app allowing Google Glass owners to use facial recognition functionality is on its way.  Originally developed for hospital employees to allow for a faster means of finding relevant medical records, the new application is still however in the early stages of production.

Programmer Lance Nenek has been keen to point out the sharp learning curve of Glass’s user interface and the fact that even the high level developers working on the new device are still struggling to come to terms with the combination of voice, touch and motion that drives Glass’s user experience.

Once the kinks have been ironed out though, the applications for facial recognition on the fly are limitless and wearable technology is already being touted to become a common health care tool, with the ability to recognise skin diseases, reference drug data or check on a patients’ previous history.

Google Ventures’ Bill Maris has also talked about his past working at a neurobiology lab and how scientists are excited “about being able to interact with their experiments without having to remove layers of gloves”.

In the meantime, developers have an extensive amount of testing ahead of them, not to mention tacking issues of compliance and the potential discomfort that people may feel with regards to privacy concerns.

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