Google Glass Starts Shipping to External Users for Usability Testing

17 April 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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The future is now officially here, as Google have begun shipping their new wearable computers to developers and testers external to the company.

For anyone who might have missed out on the buzz, the voice controlled Google Glass is worn like a pair of glasses and has an embedded screen in the upper right hand corner of the right hand lens. The company claim that the display has a resolution equivalent to a 25 inch high definition screen from eight feet away and is able to display information from the Internet via a wireless connection to a smartphone.

Questions are already being asked online as to what to expect from the device’s user interface, but concerns about the potential for distractions while driving have also been raised. In addition, the gadget’s ability to capture video and take high resolution photographs is also raising eyebrows in some quarters when it comes to questions of privacy.

Google Glass is expected to go on general release later this year and retail at around the £1000 mark. There are currently 4,000 users who have received prototypes as part of a competition for early access to the device in order to test its usability and general customer experience.

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