Google Enter Note Market with New Keep App

26 March 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Google have jumped on board the competitive note taking market with the release of their Keep Android app. While it easily draws comparisons with the more comprehensive Evernote, Keep has its own set of user-friendly features to impress.

Billed by Google as a “Central place to save what’s on your mind”, Keep can be considered a multimedia scrapbook for ideas, projects and random thoughts.

One of Keep’s nicest features is the control it gives over its user interface. The visual presentation of the notes is flexible, and its visual design is indicative of Google’s recent commitment to the creation of apps that not only function well but are also pleasing to the eye.

Different alerts can be allocated different colours by the user, lists are brightly clear and the various notes can be easily dragged around to create a convenient ‘at a glance’ reminder screen.

However, being a late comer to the party of note taking apps, Google’s new app will have to try hard to ‘keep up’. Many of its competitors have had a lot longer to tweak and improve upon their usability, as well as having rich and stylised design features that people are familiar with.

That being said, Keep does exactly what it is intended to and is sure of a healthy uptake from the Google loyal.

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