GoodReader PDF App for iOS 7 Boasts Major User Interface Revamp and New Features

8 January 2014
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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iPhone and iPad users will be pleased to hear that a new version of the GoodReader PDF app for iOS 7 has today been released, boasting a revamped user interface, new features and more convenient access to tools. The company has also said that the update will allow certain PDFs to render faster.

This latest release is the first update since September 20 of last year. The fresh UI offers simpler navigation and improved overall usability. For example, there is now the option to flatten multiple files with a single click, batch import/export to Photo Albums, tag or star files with different colour indicators, and copy images to the clipboard for use in other apps such as Mail, or for saving as a standalone file in GoodReader.

The most notable new feature of the updated GoodReader PDF app is the new audio player, which now works conveniently in the background, allowing users to listen to audio while reading files. Additionally, the audio player’s settings are better integrated into the app as a whole, which ensures that less time is spent having to looking through menus.

Along with more comprehensive file management options in general and many other small tweaks, GoodReader now also supports iWork 2013 (and older) files.

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