Ghostlab Cross-Browser Testing Tool Features Responsive Design

27 August 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Swiss company Vanamco has designed an innovative tool called Ghostlab to help synchronise testing for web and mobile platforms across multiple devices.

What makes it different from other testing tools in that you can synchronise more than just a page refresh over different devices. Ghostlab makes it possible to action simultaneous clicks, scrolls and form inputs, which simplifies the testing process on a practical level because the entire user experience is looked at instead of just a page load.

Ghostlab requires no setup, just a JavaScript-enabled client to instantly connect. The tool keeps users updated on any changes that are relevant to them, whether after one second or a few days.

In terms of its user interface design, Ghostlab automatically uses the best available space according to the size of the destination viewport. So, on larger displays the app icon would appear adjacent to the title, download links and demo video. On a smaller screen, the app icon would appear above this text using floats and widths to choreograph different layouts.

Vanamco developer Andrew Dysart commented: “We chose a responsive design for Ghostlab because the website is a gateway to a product that advocates testing for cross-browser usability and designing for the mobile web.”

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